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  • Playing: Picross
  • Eating: Bread Talk Cheese Muffin
  • Drinking: water
Hello peeps... I just came back from my Singapore trip 2 days ago.
It was really nice to be able to meet my friends there again ;u; ILU guys!

Just a short update... Tal [AiL Bertram OMGGGG] is coming home very soon mwahahaha. And he doesn't have any clothes on his own *slaps forehead*. like d'oh... He already has his wig [kinda matching wig with Arran LOL] , I hope I have his eyes [I really wonder what eye size does he wears o-o;;;; 12mm or 14mm??? For 12mm, I have a couple of greenish colours that may suit him. For 14mm, I have a bunch of them he can choose from xD] His clothes..... I need to rummage through my doll clothing stash D8

And yep, I have 2 faceup commishes to complete before I go off to Shenzhen again this time.

NDS games - Prof. layton is full of MOENESS and LOVE 8D and err... I'm playing picross now 8D;;; *no life whooooo*
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April 17, 2008


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